30K into another book

I have started to make a habit out of writing some long piece in November.  All part of the NaNoWriMo challenge.

This year I have stayed at least slightly in front of the necessary word count, just for those days that you might not find yourself able to write a word.

This came from Word’s AutoSummary:


People strolled by, and glanced into his room, but kept going.  Lionel sighed.

“Feel free,” said Lionel.

“Sure,” said Lionel.

Lionel nodded.

“Sebastian,” he said.

“Not so much a drawing room, as a withdrawing room,” he said.

Lionel left the building.

Lionel paid attention again.

“Lionel is bringing to life a room with a future as just one room in an art gallery. “Art?”

Sebastian being oblique.

“If we can find the right room,” added Sebastian.


George’s little soirees seemed catalytic for many people.  Sorry if that sounds superstitious.”

“Wow, again,” said Lionel.

Sculpture has presence in a room.


A room where I can remember other galleries, other rooms. The world already has enough rooms. We can’t all visit all the rooms.


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