I have no idea why you just see code in that last post (although the link takes you to the video).  I made other rubbish videos (low tech, and music to hide the howling fan on my sad old PC) which I guess still live on Viddler.

Vid 1

Vid 2 – End of Week 1

Vid 3 – 50k words in two and a half weeks!

I completed¬† “Infinite Monkeys” in good time, but took other people’s advice to put it away for a while before coming back to re-write.¬† I guess the time has arrived.

I got distracted by another alter ego (my day job in a library) and put a blog online for Anon the Librarian – he also appears in Facebook now, and so on.

OM has felt revitalised by contributions from a wider range of people (since the magazine went into hibernation).

Life goes on.